Magnificent Magnesium

Magnificent Magnesium

If you were going to create a pill that was intended to end human disease forever, what ingredients do you think would be the most important to include?  How would you decide? At Viniferamine, we know that in order to answer those questions you need to start by looking at the biochemistry that is occurring at the cellular level.  This biochemistry is the driving force that allows cells to thrive, divide, and survive.  What do we find in the middle of it all?  A tiny mineral called magnesium (Mg).

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Scientific Discovery

2 darlene4 103 Lab CoatEveryday we read about amazing medical advancements that are on the horizon, but unavailable for ten years while they are being tested and developed. We often hope to experience the benefits of these advanced treatments and “cures” when we need them. The Viniferamine products have been decades in the making and they bring the promise of skin and wound treatment that was not imaginable just ten years ago. Continue reading

A message from the inventor of Viniferamine®

2 darlene4 103 Lab CoatThe dream of healing and improving lives has been my life’s focus for nearly three decades. With each new product I create there is a single focus . . . the patient’s wellbeing. It has been ten years since I imagined a line of products that would use the power of the olive to heal. Thousands believed in the dream and today I take special pleasure in knowing that so many have enjoyed a better life because of my Olivamine® skin care products.

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Dr. Darlene McCord invents revolutionary wound and skin care line, called Viniferamine™

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.31.28 PMCORALVILLE, Iowa — McCord Research Inc., a science-based health products company, will launch a new wound and skin care product line called Viniferamine™.  Ten years ago, the founder of McCord Research,Darlene McCord, Ph.D., FAPWCA, created the number one selling skin and wound care products in North America based on the power of the healing green olive, Remedy with Olivamine.

Now, Dr. Darlene McCord has created the new and exciting Viniferamine™ line of wound and skin care products based on a blend of the highest quality of organic European grapevine, organic olive leaf, and organic green tea extracts, in combination with supporting nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids that penetrate and nourish the skin.  As Dr. McCord exclaims, “Let the Healing Begin!”

Viniferamine™ represents a marriage of modern science with the knowledge and traditions of ancient Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.  Viniferamine ™ products contain only the finest ingredients of exceptional quality including certified organic plant-derived ingredients, and natural preservatives and fragrances.  All ingredients also meet or exceed pharmaceutical grade criteria and FDA standards.

Dr. McCord, who is also the CEO and CSO of McCord Research, Inc. is a leading skin and wound care biochemist who has been creating successful health products for over thirty years.  In addition to creating the Viniferamine™ line of products, Dr. McCord has created the Totally Natural™ line of skin and hair care products that will be introduced along with the Viniferamine™ products.  These products are all natural, mostly organic, and priced for everyday use.

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Viniferamine Website is LIVE!

cropped-screen-shot-2013-11-20-at-3-34-50-pm.pngCheck out!

We have launched our new website and are proud to offer information regarding our revolutionary brand of wound and skin care products, Viniferamine. Visit for product descriptions, research/case studies, and where to buy!

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See Viniferamine at the ICAA Conference!

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We are currently attending the ICAA conference at the San Diego Convention Center. Stop by and see us at booth #1139 to receive some FREE product samples of our revolutionary Skin Renewal Cream!

Pictured below: founder and inventor, Dr. Darlene McCord.



Pictured below: clinical wound care expert, Michelle Moore.