Handwashing Awareness

washing your handsHandwashing is important because it helps eliminate germs that can cause disease. In fact, good hand hygiene has been linked to a decrease in infectious disease incidence. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to forget the vital importance of handwashing due to the fact that antibiotics and vaccines have contributed so significantly to declining infectious disease-associated mortality over the past 100 years. However, this trend should not be taken for granted, since mortality in the U.S. from infectious diseases actually rose between 1980 and 1992 due to an unexpected increase in emerging infectious diseases such as antibiotic resistant tuberculosis.

Hand Hygiene

Over the last 20 years, focus on infectious diseases and prevention through home and community hygiene, including hand hygiene, has moved back up the health agenda. Two factors have contributed to this new awareness. The prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains (including MRSA) and increased exposure to emerging viruses (including Norwalk virus and SARS) has had a major impact.

Poor hygiene including a lack of handwashing, contributes to a substantial amount of the gastrointestinal, skin, and respiratory tract infections that comprise a majority of infectious diseases. Surprisingly, adherence to recommended hand hygiene practices is low (approximately 40%) even in well-resourced facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes.

Dry, Cracked Skin

Although frequent handwashing is clearly important, it can also lead to dry, cracked skin. The surfactants or detergents Applying Hand Creanin many hand-washing soaps remove important lipids that help keep skin hydrated. Viniferamine® prodcuts can help prevent dry, cracked skin.

A Second Skin

Viniferamine® products can protect skin from losing vital lipids and help keep skin hydrated by giving it a “second skin” that provides a non-occlusive or “breathable” barrier. Silicone Barrier includes an advanced silicone complex that will remain effective after several washings. The healing nutrients include antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids that also strengthen skin and help maintain skin hydration.

Shea butter in Viniferamine® skin products improves the barrier function of skin and also helps keep moisture in to protect it from cracking.

Even in the event that skin becomes chapped and cracked due to frequent handwashing, our products provide a shield to help it heal that protects the skin from contamination, and include ingredients that protect compromised skin from the risk of infection.


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