What does “vinifera” mean?

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.56.35 PMThe word “vinifera” describes a specific variety of grapevine that is native to Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Viniferamine™ (Vine-uh-fair-uh-mean) represents a marriage of modern science with the knowledge and traditions of ancient Eastern and Mediterranean cultures. It is a blend of the highest quality organic European grapevine extract, organic olive leaf extract, and organic green tea extract in combination with supporting nutrients, vitamins (“Vital amines”), and amino acids that penetrate and nourish the skin. The Viniferamine™ blend has been incorporated into a system of skin and wound care products that are grounded in scientific evidence and healing, yet crafted with the elegance of the finest European treatment products.

The grape, the olive, and green tea have all played an important role in human culture and civilization for thousands of years. These plants have been revered and hold a sacred place for many ancient cultures. Now with modern science, we have been able to confirm that there is much more to these plants than simple folklore and tradition. Scientists have identified a variety of compounds in these plants that positively influence human health on a biochemical level.

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