A message from the inventor of Viniferamine®

2 darlene4 103 Lab CoatThe dream of healing and improving lives has been my life’s focus for nearly three decades. With each new product I create there is a single focus . . . the patient’s wellbeing. It has been ten years since I imagined a line of products that would use the power of the olive to heal. Thousands believed in the dream and today I take special pleasure in knowing that so many have enjoyed a better life because of my Olivamine® skin care products.

So many wonderful healing advancements have occurred over the past ten years. I have discovered ancient healing secrets resting deep within the grape vine, green tea leaf, olive leaf, apple fruit, oat kernel and shea nut. I have also gained a profound respect for the importance of selecting healing ingredients that have been grown organically. I feel that it is no longer acceptable to heal with natural ingredients that have been treated with pesticides and toxins.

My new products incorporate the most scientifically advanced skin healing system available. They embrace the use of plant stem cells from an ancient apple found only in Switzerland along with the most exceptional healing nutrients found in plants. Each nutrient-rich ingredient found in Viniferamine® Skin Care products was hand-grown in small organic fields located in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

The Viniferamine® Skin Care line is more than a collection of the most carefully crafted products I have ever imagined in my 30-year career. Stepping out of retirement, knowing that I could and must do even better has given me the opportunity to reflect on all that is good about caring for others.

– Dr. Darlene McCord

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