Dr. Darlene McCord invents revolutionary wound and skin care line, called Viniferamine™

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.31.28 PMCORALVILLE, Iowa — McCord Research Inc., a science-based health products company, will launch a new wound and skin care product line called Viniferamine™.  Ten years ago, the founder of McCord Research,Darlene McCord, Ph.D., FAPWCA, created the number one selling skin and wound care products in North America based on the power of the healing green olive, Remedy with Olivamine.

Now, Dr. Darlene McCord has created the new and exciting Viniferamine™ line of wound and skin care products based on a blend of the highest quality of organic European grapevine, organic olive leaf, and organic green tea extracts, in combination with supporting nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids that penetrate and nourish the skin.  As Dr. McCord exclaims, “Let the Healing Begin!”

Viniferamine™ represents a marriage of modern science with the knowledge and traditions of ancient Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.  Viniferamine ™ products contain only the finest ingredients of exceptional quality including certified organic plant-derived ingredients, and natural preservatives and fragrances.  All ingredients also meet or exceed pharmaceutical grade criteria and FDA standards.

Dr. McCord, who is also the CEO and CSO of McCord Research, Inc. is a leading skin and wound care biochemist who has been creating successful health products for over thirty years.  In addition to creating the Viniferamine™ line of products, Dr. McCord has created the Totally Natural™ line of skin and hair care products that will be introduced along with the Viniferamine™ products.  These products are all natural, mostly organic, and priced for everyday use.

Click here to visit the Viniferamine™ webpage and receive a FREE product sample. To receive your free sample, sign up your email address under “News and Promotions” at the bottom of the home page and we’ll send you a FREE sample of our Skin Renewal Cream (while supplies last).

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